A Smarter Way to Green

Heliovaas believes in the saying, “It takes a village:” When the right team of local experts is parried with global resources, solar energy becomes a smart, viable solution with long-term benefits for the local consumers, regional economy, and global carbon footprint. As a well capitalized, responsible solar solutions provider, Heliovaas partners with commercial, industrial, governmental, and residential property owners in viable markets to install state-of-the-art solar PV plants for distributed generation. We establish client-tailored Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with these partners to ensure predictable energy delivery and pricing without the capital investment and risk associated from developing an installation independently.

Benefits for Our Partners:

Commercial – A partnership with Heliovaas allows you to enjoy the financial benefits of solar, including protection against energy cost fluctuations, without the capital investment. In addition, it diversifies a facility’s energy portfolio and protects against outages, two marketable points when talking to customers.

Industrial – Similar to commercial entities, industrial facilities with solar PV plants enjoy stable energy rates and avoid outages, which helps the bottom line. And through a Heliovaas partnership, the installation and maintenance are provided so your focus can remain on business.  

Government – Our PPA approach helps municipal, state, and federal facilities improve budget forecasting and planning by stabilizing energy costs through fixed rates. Solar also helps supplement a facility’s energy consumption, reducing spending through the use of a readily available resource, and it helps bring the U.S. closer to energy independence.

Residential – By installing a state-of-the-art distributed generation solar PV plant on your residential property, you can increase the building’s assessed value and lease rental rate while stabilizing energy costs. It also provides you with a green feature to attract renters who appreciate environmental responsibly.


Heliovaas Power Purchase Agreement

Our PPA makes adopting the use of solar a viable option for our partners. It provides scheduled pricing for electricity provided by the solar plant for the length of the contract, allowing for accurate forecasting of energy expenditures.

The PPA provides our partners (off-takers who use the energy produced) with a number of benefits:

In structuring a PPA, Heliovaas is dedicated to meeting the needs of all parties involved, which includes determining whether a PPA is even the right option. Working together we identify the needs, desires, and expectations of our partners and provide a customized solution that makes sense for both parties. Heliovaas can even offer flexible PPA terms and we welcome creative ideas for crafting a mutually beneficial PPA.